Why study the General English course at TSA?

  • We do not use coursebooks, but our own materials, your course is unique
  • We offer student negotiated syllabi at five levels, A2 to C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference
  • We save you time and money as our schools are in the same building as the accommodation

Make rapid progress at TSA English and focus on your personal language needs

Improving your speaking and listening skills for use in day-to-day life.

Key Features

Group Size:
12-15 students per class
Lessons Per Week:
15 hours per week
Minimum 1 week
A2 to C1
Minimum Age:
16 yrs
Personalised learning goals, see our progress chart
Start Dates:
11 Apr 2016APPLY NOW
Reasons to choose this course:
  • You want to significantly improve your English for any of the following reasons:
  • You want to study at a small school with lots of personal attention
  • You want to make rapid progress and focus on your personal language needs
  • You want to live in the same building as the school and save yourself 10 hours traveling time per week
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The course is designed to help you to improve your speaking and listening skills and achieve your learning goals. The class teacher works with you and your colleagues to develop a syllabus that meets your needs. It is possible to add additional afternoon tuition hours to focus on English for Specific Purposes, or Exam preparation.
Highlights of the course:
  • Take an online level test prior to arrival and avoid wasting any class time with first-day testing
  • Work with your teacher to develop your personalised learning goals which are reviewed in regular (bi-weekly) tutorial sessions
  • Study with other highly motivated students who also make progress every single day
  • Be set practical exercises each evening so that you can improve your English in real world situations
  • Weekly tests so your teachers can continuously monitor your individual progress and development and then provide personalised advice on areas for you to work on
  • At least one class every two weeks will take place outside of the classroom, in an environment where you have to use English with native speakers & London residents
  • Improve your overall level of General English every day as you live and learn in London; many of the people who live in our campus are native speakers
  • Free social programme activities are included every single week of your stay
  • Add one-to-one lessons to create your personalised intensive programme
  • As you will live on-campus you will save, on average, 10 hours traveling time per week from homestay accommodation or five hours from non-campus residential accommodation.
Included in the package:
  • Tuition as selected
  • All course materials
  • Personalised academic learning goals
  • Use of school self-study facilities
  • Access to on-site library
  • On-site accommodation as selected
  • Complimentary kitchen pack in your room
  • Free wifi access throughout the campus
  • Support of an academic counsellor
  • Support of a welfare officer
  • Free social programme activities
  • Comprehensive travel & medical insurance
You will receive a formal framed Completion of Course Certificate at the end of the course as evidence that you have successfully completed the programme.
TSA: For a unique experience

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